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Reimagine Learning

Learning new words was hard. We fixed it.

VocaTales brings you an exciting new way to learn and retain the meaning of new words.


How it works?

Split a word, Spin a tale



A word you want to learn



The word the way you want



A story out of your split word

Stories Trigger

Stories Trigger Memory

Memorize new words by creating your own stories. Include friends and family in the excitement.

“Come Up Pants! I will never forget the word comeuppance, it's now stuck in my head — amazing!”
Camila Lopez
Stories Fun

Stories make it fun

Invent characters, extend storylines and have a lot of fun on your way to a great vocabulary.

tatterdemalion Tatters the Mailman
“Tatters the Mailman was known as the beloved neighborhood tatterdemalion - he wore nothing but old rags and his mail bag...”

Learn new words.
Anytime. Anywhere.

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What people say about VocaTales

Fun, Easy, Effective

Helen Kvetkov
Teacher | Prague
Addictive! I’ve read through the stories and have added to my vocabulary without even realizing it. More stories, please!
Aleksandar Cupara
Musician | Serbia
As a Scrabble fanatic, I am always trying to learn new words. This takes learning new words to another level, a fun one. Beats a dictionary any day.
Dexter Pickett
Writer | Mitcham
I predict @vocatales will become a hub for exciting yet-to-be-discovered storytellers from all over the world.
Celina Hellerman
Student | Eindhoven
I’m studying for my GREs and this beats memorizing lists and reading flashcards anyday! Love it!
Rowena Setting
Executive | Belgrade
Why couldn’t you guys come up with this sooner!? Would made things easier years ago when I was learning English!
David Knowles
Trainer | Chicago
Quite honestly, one of the best apps I’ve ever come across. Parents whose kids barely write long-form anymore—but love Harry Potter—download ASAP.
Kareine Keithley
Student | Paris
I love stories and learning, so this ticks all the boxes for me. I also love spinning a good yarn, so that’s an extra plus. Genius!

A World of Words Awaits

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