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Visualize, craft, collaborate and refine to write your best stories ever.


The structure of ideas and expressions that makes imagination real - everything you write, is a story.

Write in 3D

Transform any text into a multi-dimensional storyboard with comprehensive, collaborative toolsets.

Traditional story viewBoard story view

VocaTales makes giving and receiving feedback so much easier! I am a visual learner so grouping and splitting up different sections is really helpful!

I let my imagination wander when I write and always end up with ten different docs for a single piece. It’s never been easier to keep my drafts and notes organized from word #1 to completion.

No more losing track of plot lines, characters, and themes. With VocaTales, I can see the way my story is developing and keep my ideas moving in the right direction.

As an educator, VocaTales is a gamechanger. It offers multimodal and cooperative features that deepen my students’ understanding of the writing process, leveraging visual clarity and targeted peer interaction. An indispensable tool for the modern writing classroom.

As a first time writer, working to publish my book, I was looking for a comprehensive approach to help me built my plot, characters and expand my multi-year hero journey. To top that up, I wanted my team of reviewers, editors and beta readers to be able to give me inputs easy to implement. I found it all at VocaTales and am ready to publish my 55,000 words fiction novel in under a year of starting.

Enrich Your Writing From First Draft to Final Polish

Use versatile and customizable story building features to brainstorm, organize, edit and elevate your craft to new heights.

Build Stories Your Way

Draw, take notes, embed media, and effortlessly arrange finished sections on adaptable mind maps.

Visualize Elements of Craft

Track characters, themes, conflicts, locations, and more with customizable keyword tags.

Drill Down on Details

Fine-tune scenes and sub-sections with a zoomed-in, focus view board.

Your story, your team, your audience

Assemble a dream team of hand-picked collaborators or go public to enlist the voice of the community.

Build Stories Your WayVisualize Elements of CraftDrill Down on DetailsYour story, your team, your audience

Feedback at Your Fingertips

Why wait? VocaTales brings the workshop to you, anytime, anywhere. Use your StoryCraftTM Hub to instantly request and respond to feedback from readers, reviewers, and experts at any stage of the writing process.

Review and Refine

Request feedback on sections and snippets of any size, from whole chapters down to scenes and sentences.

Board and Traditional comparison
Board and Traditional comparison mobile
Smart Editing

Highlight, annotate, use a multilingual spell and grammar checker.

Smart editing
Track Progress Simply

Track changes and save previous drafts to easily
reference your earlier work.

Track progress simply

Every Writer, Any Story


Visualize plotlines, perspectives, conflicts, and connections.


Journal, take notes, outline, and shape your narrative with flexibility and precision.


Structure ideas, map arguments, and refine your voice to amplify impact.

Graphic Novels

Seamlessly integrate stories and images; rearrange and restructure at will.


Organize notes, drafts, and sources with visual clarity while writing.


Hone in on imagery, allusions, symbolism, and motifs; perfect your flow and diction.


Storyboard, edit, and workshop any time in a digital writer’s room.


Keep sprawling worlds in order: build characters, map locations, and chart expanding histories.

Many more

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