Share your Imagination

Ideate, brainstorm, and collaborate through the creative process with VocaTales’ social platform. Enjoy endless storytelling adventures on us.
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VocaTales character with imagination elements floating around her in a circle.

Unleash Your Ideas

Build your thoughts piece by piece in an iterative, organic style on VocaTales’ storyboard. Grow the seed of any idea using branching structures on your personal mind-map.

Workshop Instantly
Share snippets of writing and get focused feedback any time. Collaborate with a select group or a broader social circle to conduct peer reviews, find your voice, and build your audience!
Engage With Master Storytellers
Validate your ideas easily! When in doubt, reach out to master storytellers with the specific expertise to help you move your narratives forward with confidence.
Unlock Creativity
Harness futuristic ideation tools, AI, and inspiration from fellow storytellers to keep your creativity flowing. All on a human-first platform.
Go Private or Public
Keep your drafts and ideas secure with private boards, or take your stories public. Journal, collaborate with invited friends, or share your work with a likeminded community.

Empower your Narrative

Gone are the days of ideas stuck in limbo on the drawing board. Thoughts find their natural flow on VocaTales’ storyboards, where there’s no such thing as a dead end.

Powerful story composition

Professional Writers

Journalists, connect the dots and break that big story!
Scriptwriters, plot your next screenplay like a pro.
Authors, organize novels, plan blog posts, and outline story structures with precision.
Game Developers, construct your gaming odyssey here!
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Exceptional tree view

Educational Innovators

Lead student workshops that truly engage and educate.
Transform lesson planning into an interactive adventure.
Simplify complex subjects with captivating stories and brick-by-brick breakdowns.
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Ideal place to ideate

Marketing Mavericks

Build your brand identity with seamless storytelling.
Unleash captivating marketing campaigns that'll have everyone talking and tweeting.
PR Pros, wave your narrative wand and control the conversation!
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Built with community in mind

21st Century Historians

Capture and chronicle history, create dynamic narratives.
Collaborate on research projects, share findings, and engage in insightful discussions.
Organize from timelines and integrate feedback.
Create and share personalized libraries based on eras, regions, topics, etc.
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Back from a fun road trip?

Share your latest road trip shenanigans in a hilarious tale that’ll have your friends in stitches. Get creative and turn memorable moments into an unforgettable story.

Looking to build an audience?

Unleash the power of your pen and shape the world with your words. From molding imaginations to opening minds, your insights will leave a lasting impact.

Are you a walking Wikipedia?

Elevate your thoughts to new heights and shape the minds of the masses. With your gift for words and VocaTales, your insights will inspire a new generation of thinkers.

Want to change the world?

Revolutionize the world with your innovative inventions. Let your imagination run wild and turn your daydreams into reality. Let your ideas change the course of history.

Ready to ignite your enthusiasm?

Whether writing your own tale or reading a published story, seek the unexpected and keep your creative fire burning alongside other fun-seekers, professional writers, ideators and inventors.