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About VocaTales

VocaTales is an immersive platform for imagination, ideation, expression and experience sharing - a space where creativity and storytelling reshape the way we communicate, entertain ourselves and socialize.

We Strive For...

Inspiration and Adventure

Since the first humans stood around a fire trading grunts and guffaws, stories have been helping us communicate, connect, inform, and entertain. A good tale is a doorway into a new world, and the best tales can even make our own world a little more wonderful

At VocaTales creative minds come together to daydream, spin stories, and follow their curiosity wherever it may wander. Our goal is to create a community of intrepid storytellers – fun-seekers, learners, educators, entertainers, and creatives of all kinds – eager to explore the furthest reaches of the human imagination.

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We Call For...

The Flames of Your Imagination

Sparks of inspiration can be very unpredictable. But we’ve learned how to light those sparks reliably to ignite a brand-new creative experience.

With ideation tools and iterative storytelling techniques that will resonate across generations, we are building a platform unlike any other: VocaTales is a social network where creative thinkers can explore their talents, exercise their imaginations, play with new ideas, and engage in dialogues through storytelling. Whether in small groups of friends or with the world at large, anyone and everyone can gather here to tell their tales and share their imagination

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Together We Can Make the World Brighter and More Accepting


VocaTales’ vision is to build a creative network where people of all ages and backgrounds can connect through imagination and storytelling.


Our mission is to build a  place where people's storytelling skills can be built, shared and monetized through VocaTales community.

Our ideal

When people are united by imagination, no vision remains out of reach – with every story we share, the future glows a little bit brighter!

Back from a fun road trip?

Share your latest road trip shenanigans in a hilarious tale that’ll have your friends in stitches. Get creative and turn memorable moments into an unforgettable story.

Looking to build an audience?

Unleash the power of your pen and shape the world with your words. From molding imaginations to opening minds, your insights will leave a lasting impact.

Are you a walking Wikipedia?

Elevate your thoughts to new heights and shape the minds of the masses. With your gift for words and VocaTales, your insights will inspire a new generation of thinkers.

Want to change the world?

Revolutionize the world with your innovative inventions. Let your imagination run wild and turn your daydreams into reality. Let your ideas change the course of history.

Ready to ignite your enthusiasm?

Whether writing your own tale or reading a published story, seek the unexpected and keep your creative fire burning alongside other fun-seekers, professional writers, ideators and inventors.