VocaTales Community Mission

Last modified: July 17, 2024

VocaTales is more than just a platform for individual creators – we believe that people form the strongest connections when they engage in the creative process together. And we’re convinced that the power of collective imagination can change the world. Our Community Mission is to foster an environment where VocaTalers of all backgrounds and perspectives can make their voices heard, feel comfortable inventing and experimenting, and support each other in pushing imagination to its limits. We ask every VocaTaler to join us in upholding these values to make our community as safe, diverse, and inspiring as it possibly can be.


Community Values


  • Be Inclusive: Be welcoming to new collaborators and keep an open mind to new ideas and outlooks. Proactively seeking out new perspectives is the best way to enrich our stories and our community.
  • Give Respect: It takes courage to share creative work. Provide critiques only when they’re requested and keep every interaction kind and supportive: always strive to be empathetic, positive, and understanding to your fellow storytellers.
  • Engage Constructively: It might seem obvious, but your first intention should always be to create! Even when we’re striving to entertain others, improve our work, or build an audience, it’s the process of creativity that should remain the primary focus. Mutual enjoyment of the creative process is what defines our success as a community.
  • Stay Adventurous: Imagination is fueled by the spirit of adventure and exploration. No matter how old we are, it’s important to never lose the playfulness that makes the creative process so enjoyable. With an adventurous attitude we’re more likely to make new connections, expand our perspectives, and see our skills, our stories, and our community evolve into something truly extraordinary.


Community-Led Initiatives


We’re interested in amplifying voices and stories from different communities to promote diversity on VocaTales and reinforce our values. We welcome any ideas for programs that align with our community mission – to share your inputs, contact support@vocatales.com with the subject line “Community Initiative”.