Intellectual Property Rights

Last modified: July 17, 2024

VocaTales recognizes the substantial time, care, and effort invested in all creative content. We are committed to defending creators’ Intellectual Property rights, and as per our Terms of Service and Content Guidelines, unauthorized posting of copyrighted content is prohibited in all circumstances. VocaTales will adhere to all provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) and promptly remove any content in violation.

VocaTales’ Policy on Copyright Infringement

We address legitimate copyright infringement notices by removing the alleged infringing content and/or disabling access. We reserve the right to terminate the accounts of repeat violators or users actively infringing others' intellectual property rights. The violators themselves, not only their accounts, may be subject to a permanent ban from the use of our services, such that the ban cannot be circumvented by creating a new account.

Because copyright protects specific representations of ideas as opposed to the ideas themselves, elements such as titles, character names, and narrative/thematic similarity are not subject to copyright infringement. If in doubt about whether your copyright has been infringed, we recommend seeking professional/legal advice before submitting a claim.

IntellectualProperty Rights in Public and Private Stories

Public Stories

  1. Public Accessibility: Public stories submitted to VocaTales are accessible by users of the platform and may be viewed, shared, or interacted with by anyone. This open accessibility is designed to foster a broad community engagement and exchange of creative ideas.
  2. User Rights and Responsibilities: While you retain ownership of your public stories, by posting them in public spaces on VocaTales, you grant a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to other users to view, download, print, and share these stories for non-commercial purposes. We strongly advise you to consider the public nature of the information shared via public stories.
  3. Respect for Intellectual Property: Although public stories are accessible to other users, the original creators retain their intellectual property rights. Users must credit the original creator when sharing or modifying their works outside the platform and must not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others.

Private Stories

  1. Privacy and Access Control: Private stories are only accessible by the author and explicitly invited users. These stories are not visible to the broader VocaTales community and are intended for private viewing, premium subscriptions, and collaboration
  2. Protection of Intellectual Property: The privacy settings of these stories are designed to protect your intellectual property by limiting access to a controlled group. The rights and licenses granted to VocaTales and other users are restricted accordingly.

By using the VocaTales platform, you agree to respect the intellectual property rights of others and to ensure that your use of public and private stories aligns with these terms.

Reporting Copyright Infringements

VocaTales is currently developing a convenient system for users to label their content with appropriate copyright designations and report apparent infringements. In the meantime, if you believe a copyright you own has been infringed on the site, contact