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VocaTales is Building the Future of Storytelling

VocaTales is Building the Future of Storytelling. Are you energized by imagination? Eager to indulge your passions, realize your visions, and collaborate with other like-minded writers, artists, builders, and thinkers? Consider this your call to join the Vocavengers! We are assembling a global team of creative superheroes dedicated to helping people everywhere hone their creative talents, share their imaginations, and connect through creativity.

Every Vocavenger has an endless supply of enthusiasm for creative expression in all its forms and is excited to channel that enthusiasm toward a platform where the creative spark can flourish. If you have that capital-‘E’ Enthusiasm and identify strongly with a few of the other INCEPT traits that keep creative superheroes flying – Ideation, Navigating ambiguity, Collaboration, Persistence, and Thinking-outside-the-box – we want to hear from you.

We are looking for storytellers, ideators and builders

More specifically ....

Creative Writers
Content Creators
Alpha and Beta Readers
Digital Media Artists
Social Media Marketing Experts
AI Prompt Whisperers
... and anyone with a unique vision and skillset to advance the creative cause.

If you’re ready to don a cape and answer the call, send us your info below!

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What is INCEPT?
Carrer page VocaTales castele x You
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