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Parents and educators should have more resources for engaging students creatively. And students deserve a modern learning experience that resonates with their  generation. We are working on it - and we promise that our learning product will be worth the wait.

Dashboard of VocaTales' Education Platform

Our goal

Vocanasium has already been tested in schools, and we have more in the works. We are working to ensure that our final product is comprehensive, aligned with curriculum and 100% imaginative.

Storytelling can transport classrooms into a new world where students


throughout the learning process.

Here’s what to expect in a Vocanasium classroom of the future

Every Subject & Every Genre

Activities of every subject and genre make curriculum more ...
engaging for students
inclusion of students with diverse backgrounds and interests

Curriculum-Aligned, Personalized Learning

Educators can ...
personalize their lesson plans
deliver Federal & State standard curricula
create their own style for their own unique classrooms

Immersive Storytelling

Using stories as a vehicle for new concepts promotes ...
long-term memory storage
intuitive learning

It’s all built on Imagination

Activities of every subject and genre make curriculum more ...
open, imaginative, and constructive setting to express themselves
practice critical thinking skills.
create their own style for their own unique classrooms
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Back from a fun road trip?

Share your latest road trip shenanigans in a hilarious tale that’ll have your friends in stitches. Get creative and turn memorable moments into an unforgettable story.

Looking to build an audience?

Unleash the power of your pen and shape the world with your words. From molding imaginations to opening minds, your insights will leave a lasting impact.

Are you a walking Wikipedia?

Elevate your thoughts to new heights and shape the minds of the masses. With your gift for words and VocaTales, your insights will inspire a new generation of thinkers.

Want to change the world?

Revolutionize the world with your innovative inventions. Let your imagination run wild and turn your daydreams into reality. Let your ideas change the course of history.

Ready to ignite your enthusiasm?

Whether writing your own tale or reading a published story, seek the unexpected and keep your creative fire burning alongside other fun-seekers, professional writers, ideators and inventors.